Let It Slow


Produced at WIRE

Role: Creative Director, Copywriter

Doing our research, we found that 42% of Brits say they’re frazzled by the run up to Christmas, they feel like they’ve got no time and often look forward to it being over. So, to help Old Pulteney win Christmas 2019, our strategy was to help people slow down. To take a break. A deep breath. To smell the sea air. Our campaign positioned Old Pulteney as the perfect Christmas gift. A quality product made slowly over a long time and to perfection - to be savoured slowly.

Let It Slow came into being with the intention of slowing down the busiest time of the year for shoppers. Our campaign was led by out of home and was supported by Sounds of Wick - a film that featured the sounds of where are whisky is made creating a much needed sense of calm during a frantic time.